Sakai Gyuto

Stainless Gyuto gets a fresh face



4/21/20211 min read


Here I have a 240mm stainless gyuto for refinish. This blade is a monosteel construction. The surface scratches were successfully removed and I applied a vertical pattern to both sides of the blade so as to mimic the original appearance and surface texture. I easily cut fresh new bevels using 150 grit Nubatama Bamboo stone. I then used a progression of stones to polish the bevel up to approximately 2000 grit and finished on the Naniwa aotoshi stone. I love edges the Naniwa creates for stainless steel. It's capable of leaving a very fine edge suitable for cutting many types of food, while the softer stainless steel edge holds up well throughout the work day. Lastly the knife was stropped on bare bovine leather.

The end result is an edge that is slightly thinner with a somewhat progressive geometry to the tip; maintaining the asymmetric bevel close to a 60/40. This is a type of edge that benefits this gyuto by having a thinner bevel, without steering, and still able to sustain many repetitions on polyurethane cutting boards without chipping. All of this was done by hand, without any kind of power tools. Thanks for checking it out.

Have a great day!