Thank you for taking the time to visit and inquire about my services.

Please take a moment to read this page containing important overview and details about how to proceed before scheduling an appointment.

Current method is LOCAL personal pick-up and delivery.

Mailing knives with insurance, both ways, can be expensive. Pick-up and Drop-off ensures that your items are returned safely without the possiblity of being lost or stolen. A $4 [or equivalent] non-refundable fuel deposit added per completed delivery

I will personally pick-up your items in the Lincoln area and can schedule a time to drop them off to you.

I currently do not accept knives by mail. Though this may change in the future.

Due to the many varying styles, steels, and blade lengths, please request a quote for the most accurate pricing. Ceramic knife services are also available.

Damage repair, thinning, and re-profiling involves various methods and amount of work needed to properly restore a knife blade. If possible, please attach a photo of the knife in email. Minor repair work may not require additional costs.

*Please note deposit is due upon arrival of completed work


The modern world allows people an increased flexibility to make deposits. Modern means of exchange now carry a discount or premium reflected by the deposit type.

Accepted Values of Exchange

for special deposit only

These forms are listed in order from highest discount to highest premium



CONSTITUTIONAL SILVER [American coinage 1964 and earlier]






Custom Saya Pins - Missing a saya pin? Looking to add some flair to your kit? I can provide fitted pins for your saya. I have a few rotating varieties of woods, colors, and tassels. Mix and match to fit your style. $5+

Current wood options:

Japanese Magnolia

True black ebony

Amboyna burl

Curly Maple

Current tassel options:


Please be aware that some knives are made to be replaced. I reserve the right to refuse any knife for any reason. Factory finishes may be altered. I do my best to preserve knives and match the finish to the original, or create a new uniform pattern.

Ultimately, a knife is a tool. Yet it is one that can be restored to a state of both function and beauty. Each knife is unique and with use, they take on their own character and charm. If you have any questions, please contact me anytime by phone or email.

• Knife blade tuning and repair •

• Serrated blade sharpening •

• Thinning and refinishing •

• Stone and mirror polish •

• Saya pins •